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Loren Gray no makeup – 8 photos of the bare-faced queen

No makeup GOALS

via @loren / Instagram

Loren Gray no makeup photos! These are actually insane. We all know Loren loves to go full glam almost every day, but wait until you see her with no makeup. This just proves that this queen doesn’t need a thing to look beautiful. I’ll spare you the rant about how no one needs makeup to look beautiful and jump into these gorgeous photos. We’ll take a look at the oldest photos to the most recent of Loren!

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1. Loren Gray at 14 – May 2016

This is a really sweet post Loren put up in 2016. This could have possibly been one of the first times her fans saw her without makeup. It is a big difference because she normally wears a lot, but she looks beautiful either way!

2. Loren at the beach – September 2016

A post shared by Loren Gray (@loren) on

When Loren was still 14, she snapped this cute beach pic! No makeup here!

3. Part 2 of the beach pics – September 2016

A post shared by loren gray II (@lorenxgray) on

This was only days after the previous photo. Does rock paint count as makeup?

4. Loren Gray at 15 – October 2017

via Loren Gray / YouTube

This is one of the YouTube videos Loren does her makeup in. If you ever want a no makeup pic of Loren, these are where to find them!

5. Loren Gray no makeup AND a retainer – November 2017

via Loren Gray / YouTube

I love that she started this video with her retainers in! She’s so great.

6. Loren just woke up – December 2017

A post shared by loren gray II (@lorenxgray) on

The angel just woke up and posted this! There’s a chance she might have done something to her eyelashes here, but I’m going to assume she doesn’t have a full face on.

7. Loren looking perfect – February 2018

via Loren Gray / YouTube

Right after taking off her retainer (again) in this YouTube video, this is what Loren looks like. Who looks like this without makeup?!

8. Most recent no makeup pic – March 2018

via Loren Gray / YouTube

Last photo! This is the most recent Loren Gray no makeup pic I could find. Before she did her full glam YouTube video, she shows off her perfect bare face.

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  1. She is SO pretty with out make up!! Like dang wish I looks that good when I was 14. But if she likes wearing makeup bc it boosts her confidence or just bc she wants to wear it I’m fine with that too. She is gorgeous either way. 💓

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