Jordyn Jones’ Mom in Hospital… Is She Okay?

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Jordyn jones mom hospital

It has been a super tough 24 hours for Jordyn Jones and her family. Her mom was hospitalized, and, at first, Jordyn gave vague details.

Immediately, everyone was worried about Jordyn Jones’ mom. Right away, fans were sending Jordyn and her mom all the love, thoughts, and prayers for healing.

A couple hours later, we learned that Jordyn Jones mom was actually starting to do a little better after Jordyn Tweeted about it.

However, this still felt vague because we were all unsure as to why Jordyn’s mom was in the hospital. Finally, Jordyn explained it all on Instagram Live, and described that her mom was bitten by her dog, which led to an infection. She also posted this screenshot of her mom explaining the situation on Facebook.

Jordyn Jones mom facebook post

I am so happy to hear that her mom is doing better. From here, we can all continue to pray for Jordyn’s mom and send her good thoughts. I hope she has a quick and easy recovery, and that Jordyn is okay.

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  1. So happy Kelly is recovering. I haven’t prayed that hard in a long time, well since I lost my mom. Jordyn needs her mom right now to help her launch her giant career. My love and best, best wishes to the family. Have to write a victory song about this adventure. sm

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