Is Love Kenzie Copying Annie LeBling?

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Annie Leblanc Kenzie Ziegler
People think Mackenzie Ziegler copied Annie Leblanc with her new love kenzie makeup line

Recently, Annie LeBlanc announced the news of her new jewelry line, Annie LeBling. Not too long after, Mackenzie Ziegler announced the news of her new makeup line, Love Kenzie. Becuase there have been Annie LeBlanc Mackenzie Ziegler feud rumors in the past, people were quick to assume that Kenzie was copying Annie with this line.

I don’t think Kenzie copied Annie, though. Annie’s new merchandise line is specifically jewelry. This happens to make sense because Annie loves wearing jewelry and accessories, so a jewelry company is perfect for her brand. Kenzie, on the other hand, is very into makeup. It makes complete sense for Kenzie to do something regarding makeup, so Love Kenzie is her way of doing that.

Lots of social media stars create their own lines of merchandise, and no one is copying anyone. These are two totally separate products, where one is makeup specific and one is jewelry specific. So, in terms of actual products, nobody copied anyone.

At the same time, the actual logos for Annie LeBling and Love Kenzie are kind of similar. They both have cute and simple writing with little hearts.

You can see both here:

Even though these two logos are similar, I don’t think this was Mackenzie Ziegler copying Annie LeBlanc.

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  1. This was awesome and I think that people are acting very immature about this bc even if the logos are the only things that are similar, It didn’t mean that Kenzie is copying Annie, it’s just tiny hearts and the cursives but that doesn’t mean anything, I honestly love this. 👌👌

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