11 Loren Gray Facts That You Should Know

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Loren Gray Facts
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Here are 11 Loren Gray facts that you may not already know! She just talked about these 11 things in an interview with Billboard. Comment below with how many of these things you knew about Loren!

  1. Loren is OBSESSED with baking shows…but she doesn’t bake.
  2. If a genie granted her a wish right now, she would wish for her dogs to be with her all the time! She can’t even go a day without missing them.
  3. Her hidden talent is that she can say the ABCs backwards. She actually learned them backwards before forwards!
  4. Loren Gray’s favorite animal is a sloth!
  5. If someone were to play Loren in a movie, she would pick Lady Gaga.
  6. Loren’s biggest accomplishment was releasing her first song, My Story!
  7. She started making music 2 years ago.
  8. Her favorite artist of all time is Eminem! She would LOVE to collaborate with him.
  9. The first place Loren Gray performed music was when she was 13 years old and on tour. She sang Riptide everyday for a MONTH.
  10. Loren’s music making process involves her pulling from a situation that isn’t even always about her. She’s written songs from other people’s situations they told her about, she sits down with writers, and then they have a song!
  11. The inspiration behind My Story came from one of her friend’s experiences with guys.

How many of those Loren Gray facts did you already know?

Watch her interview with Billboard here!

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