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Sartorian Summer Send-Off Is Happening and I Am Stoked

Submitted by Val Rexton

Jacob Sartorius Tour

Sartorian Summer Send-Off Is Almost Here

The end of summer means back to school, but it doesn’t mean the fun is fully over yet. Jacob Sartorius is ready to go on his Sartorian Summer Send-Off Tour, and I cannot wait! I have been hoping to attend a Jacob Sartorius tour for a long time now, so I am looking forward to seeing him and all of my other favorites in person! Here’s a list of all the people who are a part of the Sartorian Summer Send-Off.

Sartorian Summer Send Off Lineup

This Jacob Sartorius tour will also feature Hayden Summerall, Hunter Rowland, Blake Gray, Team Choey, and Lexi Jayde. Jacob Sartorius and Hayden Summerall are my favorites, so I’m excited to get to see them.

Everyone who is a part of the Sartorian Summer Send-Off tour quote tweeted each other leading up to the announcement.

I’m excited to go to the Jacob Sartorius Concert and see all of my favorites! Sartorian Summer Send-Off is going to be amazing. I hope Jacob is ready for tour after his breakup with Millie.

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